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The Record Newsletter

Current Issue: April 2014 - PDF icon

Upon the action of the Representative Assembly, the Record Newsletter has been discontinued.


The Missouri Journal of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance is published annually. To see a sample of recent journal contents, click links below.

Guidelines for Contributing Authors


Manuscripts, research abstracts, and art material are invited from an individual within the profession or from other disciplines or organizations and will be carefully considered for publication. Material is received only with the understanding that the Editors and publisher are not responsible for loss or damage. Material will be returned only upon written request made at the time of submission. In submitting a manuscript for publication, the author should include a statement that it has not been published or accepted for publication elsewhere.

Articles and materials are accepted by the Journal in three categories: editor-reviewed articles, refereed articles, and student articles. The selection of articles for the editor-reviewed section of the Journal is made by the Editors. Submitted manuscripts, research abstracts and art material are evaluated in terms of their contribution to knowledge, practice, theory, scholarly presentation and relevance to the profession and readership. The Editors advise the author on the suitability of the submission and may ask for revision.

Manuscripts submitted to the refereed section of the Journal should be data-based (research) articles.  They are sent to three reviewers for a blind review of research methodology and implementation and a vote as to acceptability of the manuscript for publication. Reviewer feedback is shared with authors. Publication is contingent on revisions required by the reviewers. Authors should indicate in their cover letter if they want the manuscript refereed rather than editor-reviewed.

The Editors are committed to publishing the best student paper submitted in any year, although additional student papers may be published. Supervising professors may assist students in preparation of the manuscript but cannot co-author manuscripts for this section of the Journal.

Journal contributors MUST submit material prior to December 15th for the refereed section or January 15th for the editor-reviewed and student sections of the year of publication. Manuscripts MUST comply with the following Guidelines:

Preparation of Manuscripts

Authors must follow the directions given in the current edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association except as noted below. Figures and tables must conform exactly to the guidelines given in the APA Manual. A copy of this manual may be ordered from the American Psychological Association, Order Department, 1200 Seventeenth Street NW, Washington, DC 20036 ( It is also available at most university libraries.


Authors should e-mail their manuscripts to the first editor.  Manuscripts should not exceed 24 pages, including references and tables. Authors of submissions for the refereed section should send a manuscript file with all references to author(s’) names removed and a separate file with a title page and author biographies.  Manuscripts deviating from the recommended format will be returned to the Authors. Authors should keep a complete copy of their manuscripts.


Parts of the manuscript should be as follows:

Title Page: This should be a separate page containing a full title, authors' names, affiliation, complete mailing address and phone (both home and office), and a short running title (5 words or less). Multiple authors should be listed in the order of proportionate work commitment.

Text: It is recommended that the text be divided into sections with headings, used to organize the manuscript. Type and placement of headings are shown in the APA Manual. Authors should avoid sexist language and the generic use of he, his, and him, when either sex would be appropriate. Sources cited in the text are referenced with the author-date system. Author's surname and year of publication are inserted as in the following examples:

  1. Wilson (2005) compared movement time...
  2. In a recent study of movement times (Wilson, 2005) averages...
  3. In 2005, Wilson compared...
  4. Wilson and Smith (2008) found...
  5. First citation: Wilson, Smith, and Brown (2007) found...
  6. Second citation: Wilson et al (2007) found...
  7. Another study (Watson, Smith, & Brown, 2008)...

Page numbers (arabic) should be placed in the upper right hand corner under the short running title.

References: Complete details are given in the APA Manual, but common examples include:

  1. Journal, 3 authors: Wilson, S.L. Red, D.G., & David, H.C. (2005). The phototype as a construction in normal psychology. Journal of Regular Psychology, 575-589.
  2. Book, 1 author: Schitzel, B. (2007). The lesser director. New York: Brown Smith.
  3. Article in book: Grunman, A.S. (2008). Family therapy study. In A.G. Thomas & F. Nowles (Eds.). Handbook of Family Therapy (pp. 123-132). New York: Pratzel.

Tables: Each table should start on a new page.

Figures: Each figure should start on a new page.

Figure captions: All figure captions can be listed on one page.

Contact Co-Editors:

Kathleen Haywood
229 Kingdom Drive
St. Charles, MO 63301

Scott Strohmeyer
University of Central Missouri
202C Hum
Warrensburg, MO 64093
T: 660-543-8191
F: 660-543-8847